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Customized to fulfill all your needs

With more and more advanced manufacturing technologies being developed day by day, manufacturers are facing a dilemma to choose the best equipment to tackle their challenges.


With our partner, the Steinbeis Institute for Material Applications and 3D Printing Solutions, experts in additive manufacturing technologies, we will help you from start to finish to develop an action plan for adopting the right technologies and guide you through a smooth integration into your existing business processes.

Our Services


Our experts evaluate each technology and select the most suitable machines and software according to your demands and requirements, whether it's materials, products, applications and or industries.


We fully support you in setting up your new Smart Factory, in any part of the world, and help you to get all the equipment up and running. All you have to do is provide us with the necessary space.

Knowledge Transfer

New and advanced manufacturing technologies require a little work to integrate fully into existing business structures. With our training concept, our team of experts provide you with the necessary know-how to run your very own Smart Factory effectively and efficiently.


Each of our Smart Factories comes with a minimum of one year consulting services, where we will gladly help you tackle any issues that may arise. Choose from different packages to benefit from additional support or long-term contracts for setting up multiple interconnected Smart Factories in all of your locations.

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